Betting options for NFL matches – part 2

In the previous article we talked about the great betting opportunities available in the American sports, especially American football. Furthermore, we introduced some basic betting options that bookmakers offer to their customers. Now in the next few lines we will try to complete the picture and talk about the special bets on American Football. These are the types of bets that can be made only in this sport and are also attractive enough for the bettors.

In the first place we have a betting option for the longest touchdown scored. Here bookmakers offer a limit of yards which the bettor should consider whether the longest touchdown will be longer or shorter than the limit offered by the betting house. The same goes for the special bet for the shortest touchdown scored. Here again we have a limit and the bettor’s task is to determine whether the shortest touchdown will be above or below it.

Another interesting bet for the NFL matches is if one of the teams will be able to score three consecutive times. This betting option offers pretty good odds,betting on nfl matches allowing a reasonable game and related strategy based on the defence of different teams.

From the other bets on NFL matches an immediate impression makes the bet Winning margins. In this bet, the player must not only predict the winner of the match, but the exact margin by which the team will win. Of course, this is too hard for proper prediction, but the bookmakers offer different periods which make the betting easier. For example, for an NFL match you have margins of 1-6 points, 7-12, 13-18 and so on.

The odds for this betting option usually start with 6 or 7 and go to 101. This suggests that a well-made strategy can be created for a profitable betting system.

Another specific betting option that is only available for American football is related to the prediction of the first offensive play of the game. Here are two opportunities – pass or run. Usually the coefficients are equal, but there is need of very good knowledge of the strategies of both teams and their ability to attack for proper prediction.

Betting options for NFL matches

All those involved in sports betting know that the American sports offer excellent opportunities for betting. American football along with baseball, basketball and hockey allows everyone to try different strategies for betting as well as to bet on different matches.

This post is intended for those who are not quite aware of the opportunities for betting on American football and in particular on the matches in NFL. In a few lines we will try to describe in details what you can find as opportunities in the betting coupons offered by various bookmakers.

Of course, the first option nfl bettingoffered by the betting houses on NFL matches is to pick a winner. It is named money lines. Here, the bettor has to predict who will win the match. Another very popular option of this kind is named Point Spread. For this betting option the bookmakers tries to level the strength of both teams and give to one of them a few points in advance. These points are added to the final result and form a winning or a losing bet. This kind of betting is really popular for the NFL matches, as they give options for development of many different betting strategies.

The betting houses offer also European handicap for NFL matches in which there are three possible outcomes for each match. So if the given handicap for one team and the end result can be a tie, it’s the winning bet.

Another very popular option to bet on matches of NFL, offered by betting houses, is called Game Totals. In this bet the punter is required to predict the total scored points made by both teams in a match. Usually the bookmakers put a limit and the punter prediction will be the result under or over it at the end of the match.

The last option for betting that we’ll discuss in this post is related to which of the two teams will score first. It is clear that the task in front of the punter is very simple. He or she must identify the team which will succeed to make the first point in the match.

There are many other opportunities for betting on matches in NFL and in our next post we will explain a few more of them.

You will find some of them on the video:

Bulgaria vs Italy – Bet on a draw

The national teams of Bulgaria and Italy will play in the opening match of Group B from the World Cup qualifier. The match will be held at Vasil Levski Stadium in Sofia. Both teams are in very different positions as the guests from Italy managed to reach the final of the European Championship, while the hosts from Bulgaria are in a serious crisis with almost no quality enough players to compete for the first two places in the group.

At first sight this determines the most logical assumption about this game, namely a victory for Italy. However, the odds are too low for such betting prediction. A victory for the guests is estimated at only 1.67 from the betting houses, which is really small for a first match as a guest in the qualifiers.

Four years ago, the two teams betting predictionmet each other in similar circumstances, as Italy again performed well in the European Championship, while Bulgaria was again in crisis. The first meeting was in Sofia and both teams made a pretty dull draw – 0:0. In the next match Italy won rather easily with 2-0 and went through without problems for the World Cup championship.

Is it possible to have a repetition of the same situation with today’s match? Personally, I see this as the more plausible variant. When we have a first match of the group in which Italy is a guest, this certainly means that they will do everything possible not to lose the game. We know that when Italy decides not to lose a match then the team rarely allows something to their opponent. Furthermore, Bulgaria is with so serious problems in attack, that it is not very clear whether they will be able to have a shoot against Buffon, let alone to reach the net.

So, the only obstacle that stands in front of my betting prediction for a draw in this match is the class of the Italian offensive players. Will they be able to break the defence of the Bulgarians in this match? The chances of this happening are certainly not small, but they in no way correspond to the odds of 3.5, which betting houses offer for a draw.

That’s why I’ll wager a small sum on this match. I will not risk much, because the outcome is uncertain, but with less money I’ll bet for a draw.

PS. On the video below you will see highlights of the last match between these too from 2008th finished with goaless draw