Betting options for NFL matches

All those involved in sports betting know that the American sports offer excellent opportunities for betting. American football along with baseball, basketball and hockey allows everyone to try different strategies for betting as well as to bet on different matches.

This post is intended for those who are not quite aware of the opportunities for betting on American football and in particular on the matches in NFL. In a few lines we will try to describe in details what you can find as opportunities in the betting coupons offered by various bookmakers.

Of course, the first option nfl bettingoffered by the betting houses on NFL matches is to pick a winner. It is named money lines. Here, the bettor has to predict who will win the match. Another very popular option of this kind is named Point Spread. For this betting option the bookmakers tries to level the strength of both teams and give to one of them a few points in advance. These points are added to the final result and form a winning or a losing bet. This kind of betting is really popular for the NFL matches, as they give options for development of many different betting strategies.

The betting houses offer also European handicap for NFL matches in which there are three possible outcomes for each match. So if the given handicap for one team and the end result can be a tie, it’s the winning bet.

Another very popular option to bet on matches of NFL, offered by betting houses, is called Game Totals. In this bet the punter is required to predict the total scored points made by both teams in a match. Usually the bookmakers put a limit and the punter prediction will be the result under or over it at the end of the match.

The last option for betting that we’ll discuss in this post is related to which of the two teams will score first. It is clear that the task in front of the punter is very simple. He or she must identify the team which will succeed to make the first point in the match.

There are many other opportunities for betting on matches in NFL and in our next post we will explain a few more of them.

You will find some of them on the video:

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